Al Robertson – Waking Hell Audiobook

Al Robertson – Waking Hell Audiobook (The Station Series)

Al Robertson - Waking Hell Audiobook Free Online
Al Robertson – Waking Hell Audiobook

Continuation of ‘Slamming Heaven’, a novel I read two or three years back, and very preferred. The world is generally the same—Station, skimming in space—however the heroes are distinctive, and the circumstance has transformed: one of the divine beings was persuasively evacuated, and the brings (dead individuals reproduced from their recollections) now have presences of their own, despite the fact that their group experienced a torment that practically pulverized them en route. Al Robertson – Waking Hell Audiobook Free Online.

The characters: as said over, no Hugo Fist or Jack Forster here, in spite of the fact that they’re quickly specified. This time, the story for the most part takes after Leila, a bring who’s attempting to spare her virtuoso sibling Dieter, and Cassiel, a Totality mind who’s researching said sibling’s passing. It begins with Dieter falling prey to an old tech antiquity, and kicking the bucket from it; in any case, in spite of what Leila thinks at in the first place, he can’t be brought back as a bring, because of a fishy contract he marked at last with a few shady characters called ‘weight men’. Getting herself the unwilling recipient of this agreement that left her a rich beneficiary, Leila utilizes her recently gained cash and the entryway it opens to attempt and discover what truly happened to Dieter, and bring him back no matter what, the way himself helped her develop herself back after the get torment nearly deconstructed her for good.

Despite the fact that I concede I didn’t care for Leila much at first (excessively whiny and narcissistic), and would have planned to see Jack and Hugo once more, soon enough the new characters experienced childhood with me. From one viewpoint, Leila tends to keep concentrated on Dieter and not on the master plan, but rather this bit on the childish side makes her, as it were, exceptionally human. Then again, she puts herself on the cutting edge too: you unquestionably can’t call her a defeatist, all the more as the foe could wipe her out of presence. With respect to Cassiel, she brings a considerable measure of data about the AIs, the way they live, and that they are so near people regardless of the possibility that the last don’t generally see it.

(Strikingly, as a bring, Leila is the same amount of subject to equipment and on what might as well be called the online world to exist and show herself. Al Robertson – Waking Hell Audiobook Free Online. The universe of Station unquestionably continues obscuring the lines and addressing what makes us human, particularly once you toss the divine beings in with the general mish-mash: the Rose who isn’t so trustworthy, East who’s fixated on the media and her world shows.