Anthony Horowitz – Close to Death Audiobook

Anthony Horowitz – Close to Death Audiobook

Close to Death Audiobook By Anthony Horowitz Audio Book
Close to Death Audiobook


“Close to Death” immerses readers in a riveting new case that pushes the boundaries between life and death, bringing the unlikely detective duo of private investigator Daniel Hawthorne and author-turned-investigator Anthony Horowitz into the heart of another bewildering mystery.

The story opens with the death of a high-profile lawyer, Richard Pryce, who is found dead in his luxurious penthouse under peculiar circumstances. The manner of his death is both grisly and perplexing, involving an intricate setup that seems designed to send a message, though the message itself is inscrutable. From the outset, it’s clear this is no ordinary murder, and the prominence of the victim ensures that the case will attract significant media attention and public intrigue.

Hawthorne and Horowitz are brought in to untangle the mystery, much to the initial reluctance of Horowitz, who continues to grapple with his own ambivalence toward his enigmatic partner. As they delve into Pryce’s life, they discover he was involved in several controversial and high-stakes cases, each presenting its own array of suspects with credible motives for wanting him dead. The investigation takes them deep into the labyrinthine world of legal battles, uncovering a host of individuals—disgruntled clients, opposing counsel, and even members of Pryce’s personal life—all of whom harbor secrets and potential grudges.

Character Dynamics and Development:

The evolving relationship between Horowitz and Hawthorne remains a central theme throughout the book. Horowitz, penned as a slightly bumbling yet endearing narrator, continues to provide a down-to-earth contrast to Hawthorne’s almost Holmesian brilliance. Their partnership is marked by moments of tension, humor, and unexpected camaraderie, underscoring the complex nature of working alongside someone as mercurial and unfathomable as Hawthorne.

Hawthorne’s character remains as inscrutable as ever, his past only hinted at and his personal motivations left largely in the shadows. His almost preternatural ability to read people and situations sets him apart, driving the narrative forward through his keen insights and unconventional methods.

**Intricate Plot Progression:**

As the investigation progresses, Horowitz and Hawthorne navigate a web of clues that lead them through a variety of settings—from elite law firms and opulent residences to less savory locales. Each clue uncovers new layers of the victim’s life and the potential threats he faced. The story weaves in classic detective novel elements, such as red herrings and unexpected twists, ensuring that the reader is kept on their toes.

One of the most compelling aspects of the book is how it interlaces various subplots, providing deeper insight into both the victim’s life and the broader implications of his death. These subplots are deftly crafted, each contributing to the overarching mystery while also enriching the narrative’s texture.

**Themes and Reflections:**

“Close to Death” explores several themes beyond the immediate mystery. The title itself hints at philosophical musings on mortality, the fragility of life, and the ethical gray areas that often accompany high-stakes legal battles. Through Horowitz’s reflections, the narrative probes into the complexities of human relationships, the quest for justice, and the moral ambiguities faced by those in positions of power.

The tension between the public and private personas of individuals involved in the legal profession is also a recurrent motif. The book scrutinizes how the pressure of maintaining a pristine image can lead to hidden vulnerabilities and, ultimately, dangerous outcomes.


As with previous entries in the series, “Close to Death” concludes with a satisfying resolution that ties together the myriad threads of the plot. Hawthorne’s deductive prowess comes to the fore in a climactic revelation that is sure to leave readers both surprised and impressed. The conclusion not only resolves the mystery but also leaves tantalizing hints about the deeper enigma surrounding Hawthorne himself, ensuring readers remain eagerly anticipating the next installment.

The audiobook version of “Close to Death” promises an engaging experience, with skilled narration bringing the distinctive voices of Horowitz and Hawthorne to life, maintaining the suspense and delivering the story’s nuances with clarity and flair.

In sum, “Close to Death” is a masterful addition to the Hawthorne and Horowitz series, blending a compelling mystery with rich character development and thought-provoking themes, making it a must-read (or listen) for fans and newcomers alike.