J. Kenner – Claim Me Audiobook

J. Kenner – Claim Me Audiobook

J. Kenner - Claim Me Audiobook Free Online
J. Kenner – Claim Me Audiobook


I began perusing Release Me and before I had perused part of the way through, I had requested Claim Me. This book proceeds with the exciting ride that is Damien and Nikki, and with their understanding about the work of art finding some conclusion, and Nikki turning into a million dollars wealthier, can their relationship proceed? Ms. Kenner gives a concise summary of book 1 in this book, so it can be perused as an independent novel, yet the get the full profundity of their relationship, it ought to be perused as a component of the set of three. J. Kenner – Claim Me Audiobook Free Online. Due to Nikki’s initial life as an event ruler she has had little control over her life as her mom controlled everything, you would anticipate that her will defy control from Damien. Despite the fact that she submits to him as a sweetheart, she finds her quality in having the capacity to state no to Damien.

I initially read Release Me a few months back and afterward rehash it again this previous end of the week in planning of the new discharge. I am completely enamored with Nikki and Damien. I sort of felt like it was a cross between the 50 Shades and Crossfire arrangement. Obviously I have been energetically anticipating the following expansion to this arrangement, Claim Me. Ms Kenner did not disillusion.

Claim Me begins off right where Release Me closes. The depiction is as yet being taken a shot at and Nikki and Damien are altogether making the most of their time together…and honestly so am I! In Claim Me insider facts that Damien has been holding so near are at long last uncovered and their affection is unquestionably tried. Claim Me Audiobook Download.

There are some new difficulties and turns to their story including the paparazzi, insane ex-supervisors, Nikki’s mother (who raises her monstrous head roundaboutly), Damien’s father, business, closest companions and the greatest mystery of all. In any case, watching them experience passionate feelings for (also the insane, hot sexual moments) made this a hard book to put down.

The prospect of waiting until the point that the finish of July to discover the destiny of Nikki and Damien in Complete Me is to a great degree difficult. This hot, sexual romantic tale is not to be missed. J. Kenner – Claim Me Audiobook Free Online.