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John L. Plaster – SOG (The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam) Audiobook

John L. Plaster - SOG Audio Book Free
SOG Audiobook



Have you ever before came across a Special Operations team called MACV SOG? If not, it may be because this is one of the most deceptive group throughout the Vietname Battle considering that it operatives needed to agree not to discuss their experience for twenty years. Yet much these days’s Special operations team and also abilities in the contemporary United States army owe its tactics as well as capacities to this covert team. John L. Plaster – SOG Audiobook Free. If you have an interest in United States unique operations pressures, military background as well as additionally the army side to the Vietnam Battle this book is a must-read.
The writer John Plaster himself is a three scenic tour professional of MACV SOG which means Miliary Support Command Vietnam, Studies and Monitoring Group. Often it was called SOG. This book isn’t truly a battle narrative or a bio however a remarkable history publication of the US’ unique operations background in Vietnam and also into Vietnam’s nearby nations (although the author at times gives his personal account when it is appropriate). I was blown away at the quantity of information guide provide especially with the early days in the 1950s as well as early 1960s of US armed forces effort and also aid to anti-Communists. In addition guide tells us of the men who were instrumental in leading that initiative whether in the early days or in the direction of completion of the Vietnam Battle. And also these leading males weren’t simply high ranking authorities however the author gives vital operators their credit as well. Much of SOG’s secret war really did not take place in Vietnam however in bordering Laos and also Cambodia where they battled the North Vietnamese that supposedly weren’t mean to there either however they were privately creeping into South Vietnam making use of the Ho Chi Minh path.
I read this publication as well as could not put it down. There’s publications on the standard military which already amazes me enough. After that there’s books on unique procedures system and also elite clothing as well as those are specifically of rate of interests to me. Yet this device SOG and also their tales is at a totally various level in regards to what these people accomplished as well as the dreadful situation they faced where commonly in little groups of two or 3 Americans and also a few ethnic minority tribal soldiers they fought against numerous regular North Vietnamese pressures. Surpassed and also outgun these guys were bold and savage. It may sound tacky yet these individuals were like the real world Rambo and also Jason Borne all roll right into one. But this publication isn’t simply informing overstated tales in case some might be doubtful; a few of these stories and heroism of guys in the unit have received the Medal of Honor and there’s official citation of what took place.
Also for those who are familiar with other armed forces analysis when it comes to SOG there’s a totally different language as well as also method of operations. The writer does a great work explaining that to the viewers for their understanding. The seventeen chapters in guide is an abundant study of various sorts of operations SOG conduced yet additionally various point in their background as well as also accomplishments. As an example there’s a phase entitled “Bloody ’68” which tells us the difficulties the group dealt with that year. The team’s casualties went beyond 100 percent the greatest rate given that the Civil War. Every operator was wounded at the very least once as well as fifty percent of the men died. In general over three hundred SOG drivers were shed and 57 of them as MIAs. Yet the origin proportion to adversaries killed were astounding and unprecedented.
This is the very first publication I check out MACV SOG however it absolutely won’t be my last.
Discussing the identified and also the refuted is constantly tough. Plaster does his finest to produce a systemic account of SOG, the elite crossboarder reconnaissance force in the Vietnam Battle, however at the end of the day, he is a soldier, not a historian. When this book adheres to what Plaster recognizes, his own war stories and also those of his good friends, it is excellent. When it relocates to a different subject, the politics of the battle or the broader military effect of SOG, it sheds touch.

SOG was composed of bold males and proficient fighters, and also we should be honored that Plaster and his sidekicks selected to share their stories with us. While this is an excellent second resource for the Vietnam War buff, it’s not quite literary or informative enough to advise to a broader target market.
Groups of a couple of men would be helicoptered in to do recon, certainly entered contact with NVA line of communications security forces and need to battle their way out to a Touchdown Zone where they could be gotten.

Device casualties over time surpassed 100%. One hundred percent. Numerous Medals of Honor, DSCs, Silver Stars and also other awards.

The book was composed by a SOG participant who served 3 trips in Vietnam and also plainly understands what he is talking about. Comprehensive first person accounts. Heroism beyond belief, repeatedly. Objectives compromised by moles inside the command structure. Rescues that experienced hefty helicopter and aircraft losses to bring out the alive and also the dead.

As you read this, you’ll wonder whether the sacrifices were all worth it – specifically on some goals where the removal involved multiple United States airplane being rejected and the abovementioned 100% casualties gradually. Or various other goals that had to abort after just a few minutes on the ground. Plaster attempts to manage this in an Afterword, defining the number of NVA casualties were brought upon (difficult to understand if real provided US preference for pumping up opponent dead) and also number of NVA soldiers tied up in back area obligations. As well as, it was hard to recognize whether the intel created really aided win battles as well as given that ultimately, the war was lost, whether the intel made any type of difference.
Definitely riveting. If you like action get SOGed. It’s impressive exactly how thorough Plaster has to do with the weapons, ammo, mines, copters, and also every other item of equipment made use of in this battle of not just the SOG forces but additionally those of the NVA! The number of people he names is extraordinary and also every incident is described so diligently that Plaster appears virtually omniscient. SOG Audiobook by John L. Plaster (Online). My papa was a Marine that served in special procedures so I was half intending to see his name appear in guide. This publication does a great service to radiate recognition on the men that served in SOG that the army however did not due to political restraints. If the entire United States military were made up of guys that were as badass as these individuals, America would certainly’ve easily won this war. - Harry Potter Audiobooks