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Lee Child – Make Me Audiobook (The New Jack Reacher Thriller)

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Lee Child – Make Me Audiobook





He hopes to locate a desolate pioneer headstone in an ocean of almost ready wheat … in any case, rather there is a lady sitting tight for a missing partner, an obscure note around two hundred passings, and a residential area brimming with quiet, vigilant individuals. Lee Child – Make Me Audiobook Free.

Reacher’s one-day stopover turns into an open-finished quest…into the heart of obscurity. Get ready to be nailed to your seat by another hair-raising, heart-beating experience from the kick ass ace of the thriller classification!

Incredibly, this is Child’s twentieth Reacher book keeping in mind it’s not up there with the absolute best of the arrangement, it’s surely no disfavor.

It’s set in the present day, with Reacher voyaging capriciously (as ever) and simply occurrence to keep running into an entire heap of inconvenience. This time he’s on a prepare going through a minor town – called Mother’s Rest – amidst the immense American mid-west.

One thing prompts to another and he’s soon bouncing around to Chicago, LA and San Francisco, joined by Chang – a female, ex-FBI private analyst – who is “since quite a while ago limbed and strong, yet not where she shouldn’t be”.

I won’t ruin the plot in light of the fact that the book’s perfectly developed so that we (and Reacher) know nothing toward the begin and the plot gradually yet doubtlessly unfurls. Dissimilar to numerous Reacher books, where the stories could practically have been set at whatever time in the most recent 70 years, the plot of this one is beat a la mode.

I adored the initial 12-14 Reacher books however the later ones have felt somewhat drained to me. ‘Make Me’ is something of an arrival to shape. Lee Child – Make Me Audiobook Online.

Let’s be honest, anybody purchasing the twentieth Reacher novel realizes what they need and comprehends what will get. Also, in this one, there are no genuine amazements.

Jack can beat anybody (or any gathering of individuals up to about six) in a clench hand battle, or with a weapon, or both. He beds the main woman, and it’s fabulous and gets more phenomenal every time he beds her, and afterward he says farewell to her. The plot is basically auxiliary. We simply like Jack to be Jack, and to think, talk and act in a Jack-like manner. This ticks all the crates.

I roared with laughter when Jack’s in a store, asking the man behind the counter to give him a chance to see the phone catalog. The man inquires as to why he needs it and Jack answers: “I need to adjust it on my go to enhance my deportment.”

Just before the last fight, after the arrangements have been talked about and concurred, Jack’s inquired as to whether he’s substance with the arrangement. He answers: “Something we used to state in the MPs. Everybody has an arrangement till they get punched in the mouth.”

The Reacher books aren’t extraordinary writing, and nobody’s imagining they are. There are better books in the arrangement, however very few.

I adored the Reacher books when they initially showed up – yet the last few have truly scratched the lowest possible quality. This is a similar old plot repeated inadequately and the characters are negligible figures – just stereotypical “baddies” for Reacher to discard without breaking a sweat. Fundamentally it’s a negative apathetic ‘shoot them up’ that is inexcusably dull to peruse and takes ages to really get going. The plot too is frayed – Reacher meanders into town like a cross between ‘the man with no name’ and ‘the humblest wanderer’ and obviously en route he meets a malleable female who quickly jumps into his bed though the ‘fresh white pullover’ of past books is supplanted with a tight tee shirt in this one.

The reprobates are faceless non substances and the genuine “plot, for example, it is doesn’t show up until the last couple of parts and is entirely unconvincing.

Pitiful to see an once exciting character diminished to simple satire. Lee Child might giggle the distance to the bank however this is the last Reacher book I’ll really fork out great cash for.


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