Pepper Winters – Pennies Audiobook

Pepper Winters – Pennies Audiobook

Pepper Winters - Pennies
Pennies by Pepper Winters Audiobook


Pepper Winters once again proves how good she is at going dark. In Pennies she has given us a murdered, revived, stolen, sold, beaten and tortured Pim who holds out against her abuser with just her silence. Pepper Winters РPennies Audiobook Free.

Through her secret, hidden notes to “No One”, the reader is witness to Pim’s despair but also her ultimate strength against Master A. She refuses to speak a word to him, or give even a gesture to any question he puts to her. He rapes and beats her, shares her with his sadistic friends and still she refuses what he wants. Pim is majestic in her silence and to this reader, her rage comes across as so palpable that I could feel it thrumming through my own blood. I ached for her character.

When the mysterious Mr. Prest comes for dinner, you feel the shift in the atmosphere and you know that things are going to change for Pim. What you don’t know is if the change will help, or ultimately hurt her more.¬†Pepper Winters – Pennies Audiobook Free Download.

Pennies is a brutally dark read, but in that darkness there is a bright spirit and amazing strength in Pim’s silence. Ms. Winters has given us another courageous survivor in the character of Pim and I am looking forward to finding out what happens to her next. This book is the first in what is supposed to be a five book series. Very well done.

This is the first in a series of 5 books but it will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading and makes you keep wanting more. This is a dark romance and it’s quite different from other romance novels out there. I loved this book and can’t wait for the last of the series to come out!

The story is about Tasmin Blythe, an 18 year old university student that had her life planned out for her by her mother. A cruel twist of fate stole all that from her. Tasmin is sold a sex slave to a cruel rich man by the name of Master Alrik. Tasmin, who is now known as Pimlico (her slave name) has been held captive for 2 years and in order to survive her new life, she holds on to the one thing that she can control, her ability to speak. She has not spoken for 2 years!

Elder Prest and Pimlico (Pim) meets by chance when Elder comes to Master Alrik’s home to do business. Elder is taken with Pim when they first meet and negotiates to spend time with her as part of his business transaction with Alrik. Elder doesn’t realize how drawn he is to Pim but as he spends time with her, even though he realizes that Alrik is not a patient man and will not allow anyone to take his “slave”, Elder feels he must possess Pim. - Harry Potter Audiobooks