Road Warrior – Enemy of the World Audiobook

Road Warrior – Enemy of the World – Book 1 of Main Character hides his Strength (A Dark Fantasy Litrpg Series) Audiobook

Audiobook Download - Enemy of the World - Book 1 of Main Character hides his Strength (A Dark Fantasy Litrpg Series) by [Road Warrior, Edward Ro, Minsoo Kang]
Road Warrior – Enemy of the World Audiobook



The iron gateways on the walls bordering the plaza opened up, and an alienesque animal wriggled with. A man with particularly good view talked uneasily.

The man’s assumption was right. Nevertheless, there was no other way that something as simple as that would certainly show up in the Blanche Plaza. What had truly appeared was a Man-Eating Mantis, standing at the elevation of a man. There was a swarm of them numbering in the hundreds.

” Currently! Trashy humans! Weapons are going to begin appearing. Choose one! Fight or run! If you do not do either kekeke! You can simply let on your own be consumed!”

The Homunculi started dancing as they ridiculed the Summoned. The crowd remained still, unclear of what to do. But Sungchul was different. Without showing any type of certain emotion, he patiently awaited the arrival of the weapons. A worn blade all of a sudden showed up in the air.
It had been 4 days considering that the mass mobilizing, and an unpleasant energy was circling the Blanche plaza. 1500 individuals were active cooking in the stink of decaying flesh without any food or water. There were no conversations, just continuous glares from across the plaza.

The audio of plastic rustled from one edge of the plaza. Several hundred sets of eyes shot in the direction of the man that was pulling something from his garments. It was simply a vacant cigarette container.

The man maintained asking with hollow eyes even as his voice grew tight. A few of the men standing neighboring spat out obscenities as they started beating him up. No one tried to stop them, as well as not even his pitiful screams can stir up any kind of sort of reaction.

After the beating was completed, the man continued muttering as he lay on the ground.

Sungchul automatically identified the face. It was the face of the idiotic guy who had asked for some cigarettes on the very first day. Looking at the man’s jagged nose and his bruised eyes, he approximated that the man had 2 even more days left at most, or probably he wouldn’t also last the evening. His spirit looked to be much more dead than his body was.

Sungchul only appreciated just how to ideal invest his time here; he refocused his mind on his objectives.

‘ In the end, I really did not take care of to locate any kind of Hidden Missions.’.

There weren’t anymore events of the Preselected after they left the Forsaken Sanctuary. It was entirely versus his expectations; he had wished that a few of the Preselected would be called away one at a time, however none of them had actually relocated inconspicuously. The most he could do was keep an eye on what they did throughout the day.

They had actually taken over the northern edge of the plaza and also the training center located there. The Preselected were within, training with the technique and rotating dummies. There were also ordinary people that were aiming at and also mocking them as if they were crackpots.

” Tsk tsk. There’s nothing to eat, and also they’re simply squandering their power. They’re just asking to pass away quicker.”.

These people were simply oblivious. The Preselected would swiftly grow strong inside the training facility.

” Haha, the audio of your punch on the dummy is ending up being crisp! How much toughness do you have currently?”.

A small, yet distinct difference was starting to grow. This would certainly end up being an important aspect to them throughout the future dilemma.

Sungchul thoughtlessly punched a dummy in the corner of the training center as well as continued with his eavesdropping. There were two people worth taking notice of in this team.

Yuhoon Lee: A natural-born leader whose wit might appeal anyone coupled with a tranquil voice that also an announcer would covet.

And Afterwards Ahram Park: He had actually arrived notably also on his first day, as well as revealed himself to be backed by among one of the most powerful factions. He had actually currently verified his authority over the Drill Sergeant and was extra notable than the former due to his powerful history. The opportunities of him being given a Hidden Quest was quite large. The issue was, Ahram seemed to be extra curious about his sex-related conquests than any type of training.

” Do you have a partner? It looks like you might have one … yet maybe not anymore? Keke.”.

He didn’t even act to be training. He prevented any type of type of labor, including hitting the dummies and also had actually come to be a lot more of a bother with his endless supply of pick-up lines. The women that were interested in the beginning due to his effective fan and fashionably late entrance quickly lost interest as a result of his lecherous and wayward mindset.

He was ultimately turned away by all of the Preselected females as well as currently resorted to ladies outside of the group. Their faces all looked worn out and also despondent, but some still retained some of their previous elegance. He drooled lecherously as he held his assignments under his arms.

Sungchul thought that Ahram looked like a pet in warm, locked in a cage; he predicted that Ahram would certainly create a major event in not as well distant future. Sungchul really did not have to wait for long. Ahram left with a rather young thing past the wall, however he returned alone. Just Sungchul knew what had truly taken place.

Within an isolated location covered in foliage, there was the remains of a nude female. Sungchul acknowledged it without showing emotion. There was a distinctive handprint around her neck; she had died from asphyxiation. The most incriminating item of evidence was the small little blood and also skin ingrained beneath her nails. Couple of assignments were left beside the body as if to simulated the victim.

He had actually really felt that Ahram was twisted from the beginning, but being granted so much authority so rapidly might just make points worse. That recognized how many even more would certainly be given up. It depended on Sungchul to discover an opportunity to place an end to this.

‘ I need to set up some sort of special experience for him and his Guide.’.

Sungchul closed the woman’s eyes that were left open iced up in anxiety, and also quietly murmured under his breath.

He averted from the female and also placed the dangers of the dark woodland behind him.

After dusk, the Preselected would collect beyond the wall surfaces to eat their food while sitting on the woodland flooring. The provisions they ‘d been provided by the Drill Sergeant just contained stagnant bread and small beads that would develop into a mouthful of water when placed into their mouth. It wasn’t delicious, but it was still something precious. They were the only ones amongst the 1500 that would be able to consume something in this. - Harry Potter Audiobooks