Scarlett St Clair – Touch of Darkness Audiobook

Scarlett St Clair – Touch of Darkness Audiobook

A Touch of Darkness (Hades X Persephone Book 1) by [Scarlett St. Clair] Audiobook Download
Scarlett St Clair – Touch of Darkness Audiobook



Whew, yeah. * fans self * This set was excellent. I’ve always been attracted to tales that have components of Hades as well as Persephone, but this is the very first book I have actually read that is really about those personalities themselves, albeit with a modern spin to the tale.

And let me inform you, after just a few chapters I was totally connected and also didn’t wish to put it down. The exchange between every one of the characters in this book is funny and amusing. I like the decision to give this story a modern setup, due to the fact that allow’s face it– Greek gods and also sirens are messy as well as significant and also spiteful as well as obviously individuals would be willing to worship at their feet, delight in their support and also the media would certainly be ferocious to cover them. Not just are we treated to the tale of Hades as well as Persephone but we are given a complete share of other Greek gods and goddesses along with a host of various other Greek myths as well as catastrophes– every one of which have actually been given a fresh, modern retelling.

Yet even more so than the setting, I liked the fire in between Hades and Persephone. In this tale, St. Clair has taken the initial story of Hades and Persephone and molded it into something sexy and also appealing. The chemistry in between characters is off the graphes and also St. Clair does not hold back as soon as the gasoline has actually been put and the match lit. When I completed this, I most definitely felt the high of checking out a satisfying publication rolling off me.

Hades as a personality btw? I can not get sufficient of the method he is written in this. Closed off, yet thoughtful. Hard, yet looking for the great in individuals. His character is so multi-faceted I truly appreciate the deepness we are given and just how much of his character is unwinded as the story progresses. I’m thoroughly anticipating seeing his character remain to be unveiled and also grow as the tale advances.
I mentioned in last week’s review for The Shadows Between Us that guide had a great premise yet the author either didn’t have the ability or commitment to really follow up with it; the same is true for A Touch of Darkness. I would not say that this publication reviews like a first draft but it certainly doesn’t check out like a finished novel.

The globe structure was halfway decent done. I actually liked the modern take on a Greek city. In this city, called New Greece, the gods as well as sirens own the most elite clubs, dining establishments, hotels as well as other venues. They’re not actually venerated yet rather dealt with like modern celebs. They’re the abundant, stunning and well-known. All of that is well and also excellent yet the real personalities are where this book crumbles.

The tale is told from Persephone’s point of view. Persephone is the Siren of Spring and also the child of Demeter as well as Zeus. Her daddy is conveniently never discussed however I expect that makes good sense since he is Hades’ bro. An uncle and niece love story doesn’t quite interest most individuals. Anyways, Persephone is simply … the most awful. She’s stupidly persistent due to the fact that she’s an “empowered female.” It’s so irritating. She never ever made a smart decision and also was unbelievably premature. Checking out from her POV resembled reviewing from a thirteen years of age’s POV. I wanted to like her but there was absolutely nothing likable. Currently allow’s talk about Hades.

Hades COULD have actually been actually intriguing. There’s a lot potential for an actually awesome tale when you’re covering the god of the Underworld but that just didn’t happen below. It’s evident from the starting that Hades is mosting likely to end up with Persephone yet I assumed he would be strange, tough to get to know and/or troubled … nah, he’s simply all around incredible. He actually reminded me of Rhysand from A Court of Thorns as well as Roses by Sarah J. Maas. That isn’t always a poor thing and I simulate Rhys but I do not like extremely excellent males. I desire imperfections and depth. The major problem with this publication was none of the characters had any depth which made me not respect them.

The pacing as well as general writing had not been the best either. The tale development was entirely depending on miscommunication. If Persephone would certainly have just TALKED to Hades, her mommy and also her good friends, 99% of the problems would certainly have been solved promptly. The love was well created but it was very instalove/lust- ish. It was clear that the author was extra interested in writing the specific scenes over developing an appealing plot. There were likewise numerous typos that I really feel ought to have been caught in editing and enhancing and as I said above, that made this publication feel like an unfinished book.

I read this webtoon called Tradition of Olympus and also I like it so I determined to look up publications regarding retellings on Persephone as well as Hades and that’s how I found this!

A siren of spring that can’t seem to grow anything, Persephone longs for freedom and to be able to be herself. She remains in New Athens, is a graduating college student learning Journalism and also has an internship with a news agency. Away from her mother (That’s somebody that makes words overbearing an exaggeration) she ultimately feels she’s doing something she’s good at. Yet the risk to her supposed flexibility is ever impending as her mother has fairies spy on her, waiting for her to make a severe mistake, so she can blend Persephone to her greenhouse jail. An evening out with her buddy leads her to meet Hades and also struck a deal with him. From there, it’s a journey of uncovering her powers, love, and location in the world of mortals and gods!
I learnt about this publication by crash browsing Pinterest and also early versions of Scarlett’s writing design existed. I’m a sucker for a great Greek tale, as well as Hades and Persephone have actually constantly fascinated me. I am so glad I made a decision to try this book. Besides a few typos, this book was so much fun to review. I downloaded the Kindle version as well as I had it read within two days, keeping up means far too late in the evening to get to the next chapter!
Hades is this fascinating, brooding gambling establishment possessing god, as well as Persephone, a college goddess, unidentified to a contemporary Athens enter into a contract that leaves them both reeling with the desire for each various other, as well as Persephone’s hate that she’s in an agreement with the one man/god her mom has informed her to stay clear of.
The story was quick, sexy, sexual, and also left me needing the next installation. Hopefully Scarlett will clean up a couple of story point concerns I had, like was that actually Hades visiting Persephone late in the evening, as well as not a vision? I can’t say anymore without providing it all away, however if you are searching for a wonderful modern twist on a timeless tale, read this publication. I risk you to put it down. - Harry Potter Audiobooks