Star Wars – Battle Surgeons (Medstar I) Audiobook

Star Wars: Clone Wars: Medstar I: Battle Surgeons Audio Book

Star Wars - Battle Surgeons Audiobook Free Online
Star Wars – Battle Surgeons Audiobook



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Star Wars – Battle Surgeons Audiobook Free Online by Michael Reaves, Steve Perry.

As Civil War between the Republic and the Separatists seethes over the cosmic system, no place is the battling more savage than on the bog universe of Drongar, where an ambushed portable doctor’s facility unit compensation its very own endless war . . .

A specialist who covers his gloom with shrewd splits; another who confronts demise and hopelessness head-on, venting his feelings through excellent music . . . A medical caretaker with her heart in her work and her eye on a specialist . . . A Jedi Padawan on a recuperating mission without her Master . . . These are the center individuals from a minor med unit serving the wilderness universe of Drongar, where fight is pursued over the control of an invaluable local plant, and an unending line of medlifters acquires the injured and passing on – generally clone troopers, additionally officers of all species. Star Wars – Battle Surgeons Audiobook Free Download.

While the healers work urgently to spare lives, others plot covertly to benefit from the war – either by managing on the underground market or by controlling the occasions of the war itself. At last, however, all will confront singular tests, and just those of sympathetic hearts and staunch spirits can plan to get by to battle one more day.

This is a Star Wars book, yet in all actuality on the off chance that you take away a portion of the reference to Yodi, Dark Sun or about being a jedi this book could be simply one more Sci Fi book and not Star Wars. I am not saying that is an awful thing, simply expressing a reality. It is one of those books where on the off chance that you say how is the book as a Sci Fi I would say 3 1/2 stars and on the off chance that you way how was it as a Star Wars book I would say 1/2 to 2 stars. Along these lines general a 2 star. Star Wars – Battle Surgeons Audio Book Free Online.

It is about two or three specialists on a planet that is rich in assets, however generally is a wasteless planet, and is amidst the clone wars. At that point a jedi with recuperating forces is sent there for pretty much a padawan preparing activity to wind up a jedi. I had recently perused 2 or 3 in succession jedi books were the padawan or jedi were weak, so I was happy to peruse this one wasn’t. Star Wars – Battle Surgeons Audiobook Streaming Online.

At any rate the book builds up a cluster of characters in specialists, nurture, a columnist, a robot, naval commander, a Hutt and a few awful folks from the Dark Sun. The written work is great, with the exception of it is a touch of irritating to continue perusing about the robot needing to get intoxicated or perusing how the columnist needs to get the robot tanked… That and it appears like whatever they do is drink on the off chance that they are not working, which is about everything they can do.

At that point some inconvenience hits, some individual clashes all go ahead with the characters. I won’t really expound, yet I wouldn’t suggest getting it, yet check whether it is at the library and just if there is nothing else to peruse.┬áStar Wars – Battle Surgeons Audiobook.