Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audiobook

Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audiobook by Matthew Stover

Star Wars - Shatterpoint Audiobook Free Online
Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audiobook Online


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Mace Windu is a living legend: Jedi Master, senior individual from the Jedi Council, talented ambassador, wrecking warrior. Some say he is the deadliest man alive. Be that as it may, he is a man of peace—and without precedent for a thousand years, the cosmic system is at war.

Presently, taking after the earth shattering occasions peaking in the Battle of Geonosis, Master Mace Windu must embrace a risky homecoming to his local world—to defuse a possibly calamitous emergency for the Republic . . . also, to stand up to an alarming riddle with desperate individual results.
Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audiobook Free Online.
The wilderness planet of Haruun Kal, the homeworld Mace scarcely recollects, has turned into a battleground in the expanding threats between the Republic and the maverick Separatist development. The Jedi Council has sent Depa Billaba—Mace’s previous Padawan and kindred Council part—to Haruun Kal to prepare the neighborhood tribesmen as a guerilla resistance drive, to battle against the Separatists who control the planet and its key star framework with their droid armed forces. Be that as it may, now the Separatists have pulled back, and Depa has not returned. The main piece of information to her vanishing is an enigmatic recording left at the scene of a severe slaughter: a recording that indications of frenzy and kill, and the murkiness in the wilderness . . . a recording in Depa’s own voice. Shatterpoint Audio Book Download Free.

Mace Windu prepared her. No one but he can discover her. No one but he can realize what has changed her. No one but he can stop her.

Jedi were never proposed to be troopers. Be that as it may, now they must choose between limited options. Mace must voyage alone into the most tricky wilderness in the universe—and into his own legacy. He will desert the Republic he serves, the human progress he has confidence in, everything except for his energy for peace and his commitment to his previous Padawan. What’s more, he will realize the frightful value that must be paid, when managers of the peace are compelled to make war.

This novel overwhelmed me. I was hesitant to peruse it at initially, since I for the most part depend on my prior passionate connection to the work of art or NJO-time characters to float my enthusiasm for Star Wars books. I’m not a major enthusiast of the prequels, and I had dependably considered Mace Windu as fundamentally a cameo part for Samuel L. Jackson in the motion pictures.

After just the principal part of Shatterpoint, I wound up updating a great deal of my assessments and assumptions – about the book, the principle character, the Jedi, the Force, and the Star Wars universe all in all. Stover’s continuous flow composing style got my consideration immediately and maneuvered me candidly into the plot. I regularly overlooked that I was notwithstanding perusing – the account was so forthcoming and prompt that I had an inclination that I was there, in the story. The style alone could have kept me turning pages many chapters. Star Wars Audiobook Free Online.The plot and the subtle elements through which it plays out, be that as it may, are in any event as charming and new. This is a courageous story of war that has more in a similar manner as the frightfulness of Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad) or The Things They Carried (Tim O’Brien) than with other Star Wars books. Through its horrifying reality and consistent feeling of apprehensive expectation, the novel looks at the conduct of individuals under extraordinary stretch and weight. All the while, it drives a reconsideration of the brain research and motivation behind the Jedi. The ramifications of this reconsideration wonderfully weave together the occasions of the prequels, exemplary set of three, and New Jedi Order. Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audiobook Streaming Online.

At last, this is the most fulfilling Star Wars book I have yet perused. I would prescribe it to devotees of any eraof Star Wars, and similarly to the individuals who read the books for the activity, the characters, or to better comprehend the Force or potentially the ethical quality of being a Jedi. By and by, I’ll be searching for more Matthew Stover books.

My survey in single word: brilliant. Shatterpoint is a superb Star Wars novel, and a phenomenal begin to the Clone Wars novel crusade. Despite the fact that the book is altogether longer than Traitor, it’s all from the POV of one character: in this occasion, Mace. I wasn’t certain how that would go when I began the book, since Mace, to the extent I was concerned, didn’t generally have a character. Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audiobook Free Online. He had two or three lines in the movies, however for the vast majority of the funnies he was only sort of there, without a mess of identity. So I didn’t generally have a reasonable mental picture of the person. In any case, it turned out well. He ended up being a convincing character.

I figure the Star Wars novel this most helps me to remember as far as substance is a much darker Courtship of Princess Leia. Only an idea.

It was great seeing a Jedi really utilizing the Force. Time after time, however not generally, the Force is utilized as a part of entirely unoriginal ways, when it’s utilized by any stretch of the imagination – it appears that a few creators overlook that it’s there until they think of a scene particularly intended to utilize it in some perfect way. Be that as it may, it’s utilized much of the time and frequently creatively here.

I likewise truly delighted in the activity. Nothing as intense as the Ganner grouping, however it wasn’t as conceptual, either. There were lightsaber battles, Force-battles without sabers, ground fights, dogfights, everything, all done exceptionally well. Some of my most loved Star Wars battles are contained in this novel. Pretty activity stuffed. All done exceptionally well. Those of you who enjoyed seeing Luke in real life with two sabers… simply hold up till you see Mace. Goodness.

Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audio Book Free.
Additionally, this book has a lot of the silliness that didn’t make it into Traitor. A couple of the jokes were groaners, yet there were many great laughs in there also. A portion of the characters appeared to be quite stock, however most were well-done, and I’d jump at the chance to see a greater amount of Geptun down the line.

So as a Star Wars novel it’s a decent, keen, activity pressed experience. But on the other hand it’s a Clone Wars novel. What’s more, it additionally deals with that level.

In spite of the fact that the occasions of this book most likely don’t hugy affect the Clone War itself, this book was a decent presentation. It truly characterizes the part of the Jedi in the war, which is crucial in light of the fact that, regardless, it appears that the greater part of the up and coming CW books are about the Jedi members, and it additionally truly serves to underscore the contrast between the Jedi and the fundaments of the Jedi Order in the season of the Republic, rather than the Jedi we’re accustomed to finding in the NR/NJO days. This book truly underscores both the distinctions and similitudes between how the two requests worked and prepared and thought and worked. Star Wars – Shatterpoint Audiobooks Free Online.

Obviously, remove this from the GFFA, and it additionally serves as a war novel in its own particular right, going over domain well known and less so about the standards of war, and the way war is pursued, and the fear of war, and how nobody truly wins in a war, and all that sort of stuff.

To the extent I’m concerned, this book chips away at pretty much every level. Shatterpoint is an extraordinary read. Not Stover’s ideal, and it’s too soon to tell yet to what extent it will remain with me, or whether it’ll be my most loved Star Wars novel – it might be, however – yet a decent exertion. - Harry Potter Audiobooks