Wendy Walker – The Night Before Audiobook

Wendy Walker – The Night Before Audiobook

The Night Before Audiobook By Wendy Walker cover art
The Night Before Audiobook


Laura Lochner: The protagonist who has a troubled past incident involving a violent episode during her teenage years. Laura has moved back to her hometown in Connecticut, living with her sister’s family, after a series of unsuccessful relationships in New York City. She is psychologically fragile and seeks a fresh start.
Rosie Ferro: Laura’s protective older sister, married with a child. Rosie is deeply concerned about Laura’s well-being and past troubles affecting her present.
Joe: Rosie’s husband, who is supportive yet increasingly concerned about Laura’s influence on their family life.
Gabe: A lifelong friend of Rosie and Joe, he assists in searching for Laura when she goes missing.
Jonathan Fields: Laura’s date for the night, who becomes the central figure in the mystery of Laura’s disappearance.

Plot Summary:

When Laura Lochner goes on a blind date with a man she met online, named Jonathan Fields, she doesn’t return home, sparking fear and concern in Rosie. The novel’s narrative splits between the events leading up to Laura’s date and the frantic search led by Rosie and Joe the next day.

Leading up to the date, Laura is filled with both hope and anxiety. Through flashbacks, we learn about her past, including a violent incident that left a boy dead, her troublesome history with men, and her fragile mental state. Her narration reveals deep insecurities and a desperate desire to find love and normalcy.

As the search for Laura continues, Rosie and Joe, along with Gabe, uncover unsettling truths about Jonathan Fields and delve deeper into Laura’s online interactions. The tension escalates when they find Laura’s phone in the woods, coupled with the discovery of her diary, which reveals her darkest thoughts and fears.

Parallelly, Laura’s perspective of the night she went on the date unfolds. Her interactions with Jonathan start with promising chemistry, but as the evening progresses, her internal demons and insecurities surface, leading to a complex web of psychological games and confrontations.

The novel takes a dramatic turn when it’s revealed that Laura has not been entirely truthful about her past, nor about the events of the night before. In a twist, it comes to light that Jonathan is not the villain he’s been made out to be. Instead, Laura’s distorted perception of reality, stemming from her unresolved past trauma and guilt over the teenage incident, drives her to a breakdown.

In a suspenseful finale, it is revealed that Laura had orchestrated a scenario to confront her past. However, her plan goes awry, leading to violence and a deeper understanding of her mental state. The true circumstances of the night before are revealed through a complex unraveling of character motivations and misunderstandings.

The resolution brings a painful yet hopeful closure for the sisters, as they confront the truth about Laura’s mental health, her need for professional help, and the strength of their family bonds.


“The Night Before” probes deeply into themes of trust, the impact of past traumas on present behavior, the quest for love and acceptance, and the psychological complexities of family dynamics. Walker expertly crafts a narrative that keeps readers questioning the reliability of the narrators and the truth behind perceptions and memories.

This long summary provides a comprehensive overview of “The Night Before” by Wendy Walker, focusing on the intricate plot, character developments, and thematic elements that make the novel a compelling psychological thriller.