Charlie Donlea – Some Choose Darkness Audiobook

Charlie Donlea – Some Choose Darkness Audiobook

Some Choose Darkness Audiobook By Charlie Donlea Audio Book
Some Choose Darkness Audiobook



Certainly! Here’s a more detailed review of the “Some Choose Darkness” audiobook by Charlie Donlea:

“Some Choose Darkness” is a masterfully crafted psychological thriller that seamlessly intertwines two gripping narratives, offering a deep dive into the minds of both the hunter and the hunted. The audiobook, narrated by multiple talented voice artists, brings this intricate story to life, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The narrative is split between two timelines: the present day, focusing on Rory Moore, and the late 1970s, featuring Angela Mitchell. Rory Moore is a forensic reconstructionist with an uncanny ability to solve cold cases. Her life takes an unexpected turn after her father, a renowned criminal psychologist, passes away. Rory, while dealing with her own struggles and eccentricities, is compelled to take over her father’s unfinished work. This responsibility leads her to investigate the case of the notorious “Thief,” a serial killer whose crimes have haunted the Chicago area for decades.

In the earlier timeline, we follow Angela Mitchell, a brilliant yet socially isolated woman whose meticulous nature and obsessive attention to detail make her the first to notice patterns in the “Thief’s” killings. Angela’s insights and her determination to uncover the truth put her directly in the path of danger. Her story is a harrowing journey of discovery and survival, providing a counterpoint to Rory’s present-day investigation.

The audiobook’s production is exceptional. The narrators’ performances are nuanced and compelling, with each character’s voice distinctly portrayed. This is particularly important given the dual timelines and the need to differentiate between multiple characters. The narrators manage to convey the tension, fear, and urgency that permeate the story, making it an immersive experience. The shifts between Rory’s meticulous, often clinical approach to solving cases and Angela’s emotionally charged encounters are handled with finesse, capturing the essence of each timeline.

Charlie Donlea’s writing is both intricate and accessible, balancing detailed forensic explanations with fast-paced, suspenseful action. He delves deeply into the psychological aspects of his characters. Rory Moore, for example, is depicted not just as a brilliant investigator but as a complex individual dealing with her own mental health issues, adding layers of depth to her character. Similarly, Angela Mitchell’s portrayal goes beyond that of a victim; her resourcefulness and determination to uncover the truth make her a central figure in the story.

The forensic elements of the plot are particularly fascinating, as Donlea clearly has done his research. Rory’s techniques and the process of reconstructing past events are described in a way that is both convincing and captivating. These details lend an air of authenticity to the narrative, making the investigative process as engaging as the suspenseful chase.

The interplay between the two timelines is expertly managed. As Rory uncovers more about the “Thief” and his crimes, the story delves deeper into Angela’s world, gradually revealing how the two women’s lives are intertwined. This structure builds suspense effectively, as clues and revelations in one timeline illuminate or complicate events in the other. The pacing is impeccable, with both storylines accelerating toward a convergence that is both satisfying and thought-provoking.

“Some Choose Darkness” also excels in its exploration of themes such as the nature of evil, the impact of past traumas, and the moral complexities of justice. Donlea doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of his characters’ psyches, presenting a view of humanity that is as disturbing as it is compelling. This thematic depth, combined with the riveting plot, keeps the listener engaged on multiple levels.

In conclusion, the audiobook of “Some Choose Darkness” by Charlie Donlea is a standout in the psychological thriller genre. The combination of a meticulously crafted plot, richly developed characters, and top-notch narration creates an unforgettable listening experience. It’s a must-listen for anyone who enjoys a well-plotted mystery with a psychological twist, offering both entertainment and a deep reflection on the nature of darkness and light within the human soul. Whether you are a seasoned thriller aficionado or new to the genre, this audiobook promises a journey you won’t soon forget.